Hello, nerds

I'm Cassidy and I'm working on a workshop series called Process Over Goals. We're going to be "rubber duck debugging" your brain to help you establish processes to get more done that you care about.

All participants will get:

  • A free 1 year unlimited Brainstory subscription ($120 value)
  • 20% off The Sukha Company Pro subscription
  • 30% off Stashpad Pro annual subscriptions
  • Printable worksheets to use both during and after the session

We’ll have exercises to get you thinking, and time to get your momentum kickstarted on what you want to work on.

We'll talk about:

  • Prioritization
  • Personal values
  • Intentional effort
  • Failure
  • Tools
  • And more!

This is going to be practical and hands-on to get you to actually execute on your projects.

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